The Information Board requirements can be found in Criterion one and then sprinkled throughout the other criteria. Criterion categories are listed below with their corresponding resources.

General resources include:

  1. Info Board Meeting slide deck
  2. An Info Board Component Checklist



The National Standards can be found in the How to Build an Information Board document.

International Branding standards can be found in FEE Branding Guidelines 2021.

Email staff for high resolution logos with transparent backgrounds.

Educational Activities


Check out the full toolkit on Educational Activities for more resources.

Water Quality


See Appendix D or the How-to document for the internationally recommended graph for visually displaying results.

Ecosystems, Environmental Elements, & Cultural Sites


Code of Conduct


example of an information board front pannel.
example of an information board back pannel.


The map component of the board is the most complex with 22 different items to be indicated.


International Pictograms

Canadian information board
Littlehampton information board


After watching the workshop above, download and fill out the workshop report to determine any next steps or decision points you may need to make as a community.