The Blue Flag Structure

Blue Flag International

International Jury

The International Jury reviews National Jury decisions and award the Blue Flag to Beaches, Marinas, and Boat Managers.

Learn more about the international jury members here: International Jury – Blue Flag

International Admin

The International administration is handled by the Foundation for Environmental Education’s head office in Denmark.

International administration provides support to national operators, coordinates program implementation, and manages international data.

International Controllers

The International Controllers audit and report on Blue Flag sites.

Blue Flag National

National Jury

The National Jury reviews applications from the Beaches, Marinas, and Boat Managers and promotes those achieving international and national standards to the International Jury. Learn more about the National Jury Organizations here: Our Network — National Jury.

National Admin

The USA national administration is handled by the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association.

National administration supports sites, coordinates the national application process, and provides information to the public about the Blue Flag.


National Controllers

The International Controllers audit and report on s Blue Flag sites.