Educational Activities are stipulated in criterion 2 with additional direction given in Appendix C. The criterion requires that you have 5 different Environmental Education Activities (EEAs) during your Blue Flag season which are free to participate in and publicized to the public.

Note, you as the applicant do not have to run all 5 programs and they do not all have to occur on a beach. It is highly recommended that applicants partner with local NGOs, Aquariums, EcoSchools, or other partners to provide these learning opportunities.

If you need help coming up with an activity you can check out the internationally produced best practices (EEA+Handbook+2013+low+res; EE+Activity+Guide2) ; the urban beach activities flyer; or use the EEA Matrix to help you identify new or existing activities.

You can view the Educational Activity meeting slides here for more general information about the goals and requirements for EEAs.

Staff is committed to providing one National Education Activity a year. Please be on the lookout for information from staff about these opportunities.

After watching the workshop above, download and fill out the workshop report to determine any next steps or decision points you may need to make as a community.