Waste and Recycling Tool-kit

Beach cleanliness is a hallmark of Blue Flag sites. Criterion 15 highlights sites need to follow local, regional, or national legislation on waste management while taking careful consideration of the flora and fauna in and around the site. Criterion 17 outlines the importance of adequate waste disposal containers. There is no formula for the correct […]

Reports on Mexican Operations

Reports on Mexican Blue Flag Operations In October 2021, the US National Operator staff were able to visit several sites in the Cancun area with the Mexican National Operator staff. This opportunity lead to information exchange and better understanding of daily operations at beaches awarded with the Blue Flag. The text document has details for […]

Safety Tool-Kit

Safety Tool-Kit Safety at sites is important to visitors and management. Staff has compiled resources for communities on best practices and criteria compliance.  Best Practices Rip Currents The United States Lifesaving Association and NOAA have worked together on rip current signage which identifies how to react when caught in a rip current. For access to […]

Educational Activities Tool-kit

Educational Activities are stipulated in criterion 2 with additional direction given in Appendix C. The criterion requires that you have 5 different Environmental Education Activities (EEAs) during your Blue Flag season which are free to participate in and publicized to the public. Note, you as the applicant do not have to run all 5 programs […]

Preparing to Apply Toolkit

Additional Resources The Application Toolkit PPT The application covers several questions for each criterion. Several questions are included to help candidates expand upon their previous responses and include additional information which may be helpful for Jury evaluation but is not considered imperative to award. Each year the application is updated at the international and national […]

Information Board Tool-kit

The Information Board requirements can be found in Criterion one and then sprinkled throughout the other criteria. Criterion categories are listed below with their corresponding resources. General resources include: Info Board Meeting slide deck An Info Board Component Checklist General Resources: The National Standards can be found in the How to Build an Information Board […]