Blue Flag

Blue Flag is a voluntary international eco-award program produced by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and run by National Operators in each country. The program promotes environmental education and information; environmental management; safety and services; social responsibility; and responsible tourism in over 49 countries with over 4,800 sites. Awards are given by the international jury to beach, marina, and tourism boat operator applicants who meet 30+ criteria.


Beaches must comply with 33 criteria in four different categories. Learn more about criteria, implementation, and upcoming events.


Marinas must comply with 38 criteria in six different categories. Learn more about the criteria, implementation, and how it compares with other programs.


Boat operators must comply with criteria based on tourism activity. Learn more about the individual boat owner code of conduct, tourism criteria, and sail criteria.

Explore Blue Flag Worldwide

On the map below you can see the Blue Flag sites awarded around the world. Locations are updated by international staff after award. If you wish to see more detail about the sites, and filter them according to your needs (access for the disabled, type of beach, type of boating activity, etc.) we recommend you visit the custom made maps for beaches, marinas and boats.

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