Additional Resources

The application covers several questions for each criterion. Several questions are included to help candidates expand upon their previous responses and include additional information which may be helpful for Jury evaluation but is not considered imperative to award.

Each year the application is updated at the international and national level. Changes are not typically large. This allows us to clarify anything which was unclear the year before or add additional questions to showcase the innovate initiatives at different sites.

The first section of the application is community information. This focuses on contact information, gps coordinates of your site, numbers of residents, etc. This information may not change annually but is good to double check because one applicant or contact may be applying for several different beach sites which will all need their own applications.

The majority of the questions are in yes or no format. With “If yes, please describe” or “If no, is there x? yes or no?” follow up questions. To help you prepare for the questions you will be asked, try to collect all the information from the BF Application Checklist before starting the application. Remember, you have the ability to save and come back to the application later if you need to find the answer to something.

In addition to the application questions you will be asked to submit supplemental documentation. These are items like your water sampling calendar for the upcoming year and the previous year’s water quality results.

For more information view our applicant dashboard walk-through video.

For first applications

This video is an in depth look at the application process, question types, and formatting. 

For re-applications and applications post 2022

This video is a quick update to the video for first time applicants which reviews the question types, format, and provides an update on the structure of the application  forms.