Environmental Education Activity Submission Form

The Activity Submission form is not an official part of the Blue Flag application. This is a form which will help you to review your activities as they happen and create a log of activity information you can use when filling out your application. By filling out the form below you are consenting to staff […]

2022 and 35th Anniversary Swag Orders

Individual Boat Owner 60×90 cm Only for Boat Owners who have signed the Code of Conduct. Not a promotional item. Penant 20×30 cm 35 Years 100×150 cm Table Flag 10×15 cm 35 Years Table Flag 10×15 cm Table Flag Stand

Blue Flag National Basic Presentation

The Blue Flag program has over 30 criteria for each of its three site types. The program has been operating internationally since 2001 and has over 50 countries participating. There is a lot of information in general about the program before diving into the implementation and structure in the United States. To help sites and […]

GAIA 2030

GAIA 2030 is the Foundation for Environmental Education’s 10 year strategic plan. It will be guiding the actions and principles of the organization and its programs to maximize social and environmental impact over the next decade. Here you will find materials to help you understand and implement the GAIA 2030 strategy. While thematically the focus […]