GAIA 2030 is the Foundation for Environmental Education’s 10 year strategic plan. It will be guiding the actions and principles of the organization and its programs to maximize social and environmental impact over the next decade.

Last year the Foundation for Environmental Education focused on the strategic topic of Biodiversity with great success. This year they are looking to extend their Litter Less campaign to the greater public through inclusion of wider community members involved in the Blue Flag and Green Key programs. The campaign focuses on the Pollution topic of the strategic plan. The international campaign includes: 

  • Online quizzes anyone can take. One on pollution in general and one for pollution in the tourism sector. 
  • A series of webinars available to everyone. 
  • Online courses through FEE Academy on topics such as the circular economy, pollution, etc. with a certification for completion. 
  • Sharing of best practices through social media. 
  • Global Action Days from April 18-28th 2023. The five actions shared during this time will focus on the 5-Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Repurpose. 
  • Final wrap up webinar with lessons learned, best practices, and feedback.

Blue Flag USA will be supporting the campaign by sharing and reposting international social media posts; including activities in our own content; and highlighting the impacts in our presentations. Staff recommends incorporating the campaign resources in your planned education activities or using them in the event that an activity gets cancelled. Included below is background information which can help you if you are planning to create your own content around the campaign. Public information has come from international and can be disseminated by the network. 


Background Information: 

FEE Website

LitterLess Intro Powerpoint (Includes Branding Colors)



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