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July Updates

ASBPA has officially been recognized as the National Blue Flag Operator in the United States with the acceptance of our Affiliate Application to the Foundation for Environmental Education. We are incredibly excited to continue working towards implementation of the Blue Flag program in the United States with the dedicated international team’s support.

Pilot Meeting

Participating pilot beaches will attend a Virtual Pilot Meeting in September to discuss pilot phase requirements, fee structures, criteria, and operations in depth.

This will allow a year to complete any alterations to meet criteria before working on submitting the first official Blue Flag applications in Fall 2021.

Criteria Working Groups

In preparation for the National Workshop in December, we will be hosting criteria working groups in October and November to discuss the international criteria and make a recommendation for the National Jury to approve. The working groups will be as follows:

Safety and Services (Oct 23 @ 2pm E/11am P)

Water Quality (Oct 29 @ 2pm E/11am P)

Environmental Education and Information (Nov 3 @ 2pm E/11am P)

Environmental Management (Nov 17 @ 2pm E/11am P)

Working groups will be meeting to discuss the individual criteria within each topic area. If you are interested in representing your organization at these meetings please email for more information by September 25.