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Year in Review: Accomplishments

Held Committee and Subcommittee meetings
Created tool-kits on criteria
Completed two National Jury trainings
Added an accessibility representative to the National Jury
Started our Pilot phase
Held Pilot Meetings
Presented at the Texas Symposium
Built the website
Produced Coastal Voice articles
Hosted the National Workshop
Created promotional materials
Visited awarded sites in Mexico
Produced quarterly newsletters

On the Desk of the National Operator

The Blue Flag program in the United States is just taking off but established sites around the world welcome thousands of visitors a day. As administrator of the program in the US I personally have sought out sites on vacations and work trips to increase my understanding of the program.


Now YOU are recognizing the brand while traveling as well and I continue to get more and more emails from the public and partners about Blue Flag Beaches.

Looking Forward

The Blue Flag national program aims to provide coastal science and partner resources to candidates throughout the year. We are looking for any related research, papers, or programs for round tables and presentations this Summer and at the National Coastal Conference in the Fall. Please reach out to staff with topic ideas or proposals.

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