ASBPA staff have diligently continued on the path towards implementation of the Blue Flag program during 2023. We have enjoyed working on several tasks this year: 


Awarded our Inaugural Sites: 

  • Celebrated our first two flags in the continental US
  • Held Monthly Site Manager meetings
  • Updated National and Internationally Jury members on program status


Shared Coastal Monitoring and Environmental Education with Visitors: 

  • Developed new and existing partner relationships
  • Held 10 Educational Activities at sites
  • Collected over 150 water quality samples. 


Amplified Coastal Resources: 

  • Launched our Blue Flag Social Media Channels 
  • Grew the Summer Series
  • Presented Blue Flag to over 200 interested parties 


Tracked Trends: 

  • Collected weather data and physical characteristics of sites
  • Followed weekly water quality results
  • Looked at pollution sources and impacts 


The Blue Flag USA program would like to thank everyone who has supported the program through time, talent, and treasury in 2023. 

For more information on the Blue Flag Program check out our website under get involved: and as always please let me know if you have questions or would like to participate by email at

Delray Beach award ceremony photo credit City of Delray Beach
Westward Beach award ceremony photo credit LA County Beaches and Harbors