The American Shore and Beach Preservation Association is hosting their National Coastal Conference, “Wrangling the Waves of Change: Adapting to Coastal Dynamics” in Galveston, Texas this August 26-29. An important part of coastal dynamics is observing, understanding, and communicating water quality to preserve, protect, and enhance coastal ecosystems and recreation. To showcase this, ASBPA is soliciting environmental management, community engagement, and water quality oral presentations to fill a 24 slot track. 

Abstracts for 20 minute presentations are requested covering research, management, and outreach on:

  • coastal contamination investigations; 
  • public perceptions, media, and messaging; 
  • technologies for enhancing and understanding contamination risks; 
  • unique projects; 
  • And projects acting on collected data.

Abstracts are due April 8thPoster submissions are due by July 15th. Send any questions.